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Mand Labs KIT-1: Standard Edition Version 4


Mand Labs KIT-1: The All-In-One STEM Electronics Kit will help you teach and demonstrate abstract concepts of physics and electronics through real-world projects and experiments.

This comprehensive do-it-yourself (DIY) learning kit will take you on a journey of 54 hands-on projects from fundamentals of electricity to advanced concepts of transistors in electronics and robotics. And everything is step-by-step.


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No prior experience in electronics is required. As a beginner, you start with simple hands-on projects, learn to use a digital multimeter and grab the basic fundamentals of electricity, including charge, voltage, current, resistance, Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff laws.

As you advance, you start learning about new components, make more complex projects and progress both in terms of knowledge and skill levels. At the end of level-3, you will be able to build interesting projects such as automatic night lamp, H-Bridge (motor driver circuit used in Robotics) and many more.

In the process, not only are you able to make projects, but also understand the science behind them using in-depth theoretical and circuit analysis. Designed to be more open, content rich and modular, KIT-1 gives you complete intellect freedom to invent, make mistakes and learn from them. Messing up with real world components and tools, using your imagination and creativity to come up with something new, learning about real world skills and doing everything on your own is what makes it more fun!

Who is it For:

  • Middle and high school students
  • STEM educators running maker spaces, physics labs and robotics programs
  • Homeschooling parents
  • DIY enthusiasts and makers

What’s Included:

  1. 54 experiments pack (covers fundamentals of electrical & electronics)
  2. 136 electronic components and tools packaged in a portable workstation
  3. 9 hours of video library for learning at your own pace
  4. A flash drive containing videos and visual step-by-step project building instructions
  5. Two reference books for understanding the physics and math behind
  6. Highly visual and detailed step-by-step building instructions of each project
  7. Unique portable design that opens up into a personalized lab or electronic workstation
  8. Breadboard carry case

What’s New in Version 4?

  • Wire cutter and stripper is now made of Stainless Steel (SS) and has a new design with a thumb grip
  • A more durable screwdriver is included which can unwind switch terminals and multimeter screws with ease
  • A new 12 V Piezoelectric buzzer with 4.2 KZ frequency is replacing the older 12 Volt 2.4KHz magnetic buzzer in Version 3
  • The portable breadboard box now comes with magnetic locks instead of swap buttons
  • A more tactile microswitch with a 120gF operating force on the lever is introduced
  • Lead Free Solder (Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5) is used for all soldering joints
  • All LEDs are now professionally packaged in moisture free anti-static bags – four different colored bags for each color
  • Learning videos on the USB Flash drive now come with subtitles (English)
  • 24 Micron Polyolefin Shrink Film is used for sealing multimeter, books and KIT-1 box
  • Mand Labs KIT-1 box is re-engineered for durability, strength and usability. The box is made in 12 different parts and each part is produced with a very high level precision with right fits and tolerances. The box is assembled carefully by hand and undergoes multiple inspections to meet quality standards
  • RoHS and Reach Standards are being strictly adhered to.

KIT-1 courseware:

Charge, Battery, Voltage, Current, Resistance, LED, Multimeter, Resistors, Ohm’s law, Series and Parallel Combination, Variable Resistors: Potentiometer, Preset and LDR, Switches, Capacitors, Relay, Semiconductors, Diode and Its Types, Digital Logic Gates: NOT, OR, AND, NOT, NAND, Zener Diode, DC Motor, Transistors.

Some Exciting Projects:

Automatic Night Lamp, Burglar Alarm, Touch Activated Switch (passing current through body), LED Flasher/Blinker, Sequential Glowing of LEDs, Staircase Lighting, Alternate light control using a Preset, DC Motor as Generator.

Complete List of Experiments in KIT-1:

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