Making a dent in STEM 
Education  since 2009

From designing robots from (WEEE) electronic waste in our engineering labs to crafting DIY physics experiments to teaching electronics to over 25,000 high school students , it feels that 
we've just got started!

Embracing a culture of DIY
& creating products that
we want to use ourselves

We are a close-knit team of passionate engineers, physicists, designers, and educators dedicated to advancing STEM education through research. We do everything in-house from designing projects to coding to sourcing materials to manufacturing to ensure that our customers get the 
highest quality experience in our products.

Find imaginative ways

Keep learning

Create an experience

Have Fun

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.
                                                                   -Peter Drucker


An engineer and entrepreneur with deep love for physics, mathematics and computing who has taught electronics to over 3000 high schoolers and conducted 150 DIY workshops for STEM educators and school kids. Author of two books on DIY Electronics, designer of 30+ Physics Experimental Kits and hold several design patents.


Mr. Rao is a serial entrepreneur with five successful high technology start-ups of his own. Mr. Rao is now an Angel Investor in several start-ups, mentoring the founders & serving on their boards. Mr. Rao was the first Indian-American to take a company public on NASDAQ.

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Invest in Yourself and take your
teaching to the next level.

We do not have a million years. 
                                             - Robert X Leeds
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