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Broadly, in this master course, we will master the following modules in depth:

  • Electricity
  • Electromagnetism
  • Semiconductors
  • Basic electronics

We will use multiple active and passive electronic components such as LEDs, resistors, transistors, capacitors, relays, diodes, zener diodes, etc., to build an array of application-and-concept-based projects.

Once we build something meaningful that works, we will analyze those projects by applying basic laws of physics, collecting the experimental data of variables through devices such as a digital multimeter and then analyzing those observations to draw conclusions.

This experiential learning process imbibes critical thinking and computation acumen, developing a structured thought process to solving problems by taking your students through rigorous building process and analytics.

As a result, you are able to demonstrate STEM concepts with ease and confidence while your students will be able to visualize them and enjoy your teaching at the same time.

Course Content


3. Unit-2: Resistors

20 mins 2 Topics Incomplete

Resistance Factors, Use of Resistors, Measuring Resistance

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4. Unit-3: LED

20 min 1 Topics Incomplete

Continuity Test, Advantages, Applications, Precautions

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5. Unit 4: Breadboard

30 min 3 Topics Incomplete

Wire Cutter & Stripper, Connecting an LED, Connecting a Resistor, Types of Circuits, Conductors, Insulators

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6. Unit 5: Ohm's Law

10 min 2 Topics Incomplete

Ohm's Law verification, Measuring Current in a Circuit

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14. Unit 11: Relay

1 hour 7 Topics Incomplete

Identifying Relay Terminals, Continuity Test of Relay, Burglar Alarm, Alternate Switching of LEDs

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15. Unit 12: Diode

45 min 5 Topics Incomplete

How a Diode Works, Forward Biasing, Reverse Biasing, Types of Diodes, Diode Offering Minimum Resistance Path, Diode as a Protection Device

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16. Unit 13: Logic gates

30 min 5 Topics Incomplete

Gate Types, NOT Gate, OR Gate, AND Gate, NOR Gate and NAND Gate

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17. Unit 14: Zener diode

25 min 5 Topics Incomplete

Voltage Divider, Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator, Characteristics of Zener Diodes

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20. Unit 15: DC motor

30 min 5 Topics Incomplete

DC Motor as Generator, Surgery of DC Motor, Controlling Speed of DC Motor, Motor- Torque and RPM

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21. Unit 16: Transistors

25 min 6 Topics Incomplete

Transistor Symbols, Types of Transistors, BJT Transistor, Identify NPN and PNP Transistor

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22. Unit 17: Transistor experiments

80 min 14 Topics Incomplete

B-E Junction as Diode, Transistor as an Amplifier and Switch, Touch-Activated Switch, Darlington Pair, Automatic Night Lamp, Inverter (NOT Gate), LED Flasher/ Blinker, Alternate Blinking of LEDs, H-Bridge

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